Zero to Blog Start Your Journey To Freedom With A Profitable Platform

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

You have an idea, hobby or passion that you’d love to turn into profit.

You want to make money from something that fulfils you.

You want to have the freedom to work from wherever you want and work whenever you want.

You wish you could travel more and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

You wish someone could show you exactly how to do it and how to materialise your dream into reality.

I Have A Solution For You…

Zero to Blog is a 2-day course with 4-week followup that will teach you how to:

Start an online profitable platform from scratch

Build an audience and gain engagement, followers and leads

Stand out from everyone else online and get recognition

Do what you love, work from anywhere in the world and make money at the same time

All you need to do is to start…

What's Included In The Course Course, Food & Drinks, Webinar, Materials

2-Day Course

Learn about content marketing and building an online profitable platform secrets from a skilled and experienced expert in just 2 days. All “how to” secrets will be revealed.

Exclusive Venue

The 2-day course is located in central London in an exclusive venue. The kind of venue where you find creative and entrepreneurial minds who dream big just like you.

Study Materials

You will have access to all materials that are presented during the course in both printed and electronic form. Because we know that some people like to write notes while other like to be paper-less.

Exceptional Service Experience

This is not your average webinar. It’s intentionally face-to-face so you’re engaged. You don’t just get PDFs or watch videos. Hana answers all your questions.

Great Connections

All different kinds of people take Zero to Blog courses. From people who to love travel, design, fashion or sustainability to real estate. You’re definitely going to make some great connections.

Action Guide

Learning doesn’t mean anything  without applying. A specially crafted study guide will help you keep on track with your goals to build a profitable platform step-by-step.

Food & Coffee

The course has one long meal break and two coffee breaks. Which means that your lunch and coffee are included. All you have to do is to sit back and be fully engaged in the course.

4-Week Follow Up

We get it. You can learn everything there is about building a profitable platform. But you’ll need some support along the way. That’s why you get four online Q&A webinars included in the session.

Private Facebook Group

What if you still have questions and your four webinars are long gone and forgotten? You can still ask questions in the private Facebook group.

Enter Your Details To Find Out More

Enter your details and you’ll receive a phone call from us within 48 hours. We’ll look at what’s in the course specifically for you and how you can go from zero to profitable platform and a lifestyle you’ve always been dreaming of.