Zero to Blog Curriculum

I put ten years of experience into creating my programmes. Tested by a large number of participants, these programmes work for launching your own  “persona platform” – an online platform in which you are the reason why people follow and buy.

In this 3-hour workshop you’re going to learn all about writing your own blog. I’ll guide you through the basics of successful blogging, help you master writing a perfect blog post that your audience will love to read, and show you how to be consistent to build your blog’s popularity.

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Join a group of devoted bloggers in this 4-week online course and practice all that you learnt in Zero to Blog workshop. More than that, you’ll have a working blog filled with content that attracts your audience. Interested? Sign up to the newsletter to be notified of first dates.

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Zero to Blog Coaching

It doesn’t matter at what stage  your online presence is – we’re going to expand it. By blogging, identifying, specifying and engaging with your audience and by building your social media visibility. All that transforms into a “persona platform” that people love and that converts to sales.

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No one ever said, I wish I started
working on my dream a little later.